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My name is Ruben Nersesian, business consultant
Since 1995, I have been helping entrepreneurs achieve the desired results in business. Practitioner. Author of tutorials, books, and articles. Live in Israel, work online all over the world.
Facts in numbers
An experience
12 years
17 years
20 years
30 years
Hours of counseling and training
825 hours
900 hours
2280 hours
5880 hours
3 000 + people
Some highlights from 30 years of work
Business consulting
Provided Information, training, and coaching to help entrepreneurs rapidly grow their businesses.
Developed strategies for business owners to grow their business through direct response marketing in Internet.

They discovered how to attract more of their ideal customers and clients, get them to come back more often, have those spending more on each visit and send more referrals than they ever thought possible.

These strategies were revealed every month to the Master Group Members, at live workshops and through online resources so they could get started immediately.
Business strategies
Developed the strategy of attraction of a customer – large network company with the customer base of 2 mln clients, leading to settlement of connection with Chief Executives, who then turned to principal customers, generating 90% of annual income

Developed a strategy of locking of a core audience – parents of preschool children in the city, counting 600 thousands inhabitants. As a result, the company concluded partnership with the preschool administration and 200 nursery schools of the city, gaining access to the core audience – all the parents of preschool children in the city.

Developed original high performance «three departments» system that enables any enterprise to build up the system of customer attraction, sales and resales, with parallel optimization of every business process. As a result, every company that implemented this system, managed to reduce the personnel expenses by more than twofold, preserving current income profits.
By the means of customized approach to customers and the purchase funnel achieved the number of personal sales of coaching for the sum of $53 000 in the course of a month.
Created technic of phone calls to the clients, that increased conversion of sales up to 90% and conversion of presales up to 55%

Developed highly profitable structure of marketing presentations for webinars that enabled to perform sales with conversion up to 67%

Conducted activities on base segmentation and restructuring of customer cards, ended in development of laser applications for the customers, who increased the frequency of repeat purchase twofold.
Developed the sales model, line of products and accumulated personnel for a customer – medical tourism company, introduced new employees, performed sales for the sum of $50 000 and led additional trainings with the staff.

Developed annual plan and the structure of interactive training webinars and promotional seminars, whereby old and new customers could raise the level of knowledge. As a result, the number of seminar attendees increased by 10 percent.
Optimized subscription Web Pages up to subscription conversion of 76%
Calculated and performed the mechanism of referral system that increased the number of purchasers of information products in 10 times without any capital investments.

Developed marketing company, directed to amplification of customer base. Result: within 8 weeks the company attracted 1039 new financially reliable customers without any capital investments (new customers made purchases for the sum of $6 000)

Created and implemented the campaign on drafting the leads for further sales of partner's training, resulting in accumulation of required number of filtered leads within 2 weeks with minimal expenses on attraction.

Arranged a series of marketing activities on sales of information products of a partner, resulting in accumulation of the bank of 250 perspective customers, acquiring order's package of $14 000
Developed the structure of a 2-weeks release for the core audience of a «Network company director». Upon launching of release 47 directors purchased tickets to the training for the total sum of $26 000

The work engaged: Developing Budgets, Coaching, Supervision, Staffing, Project Management, Management Proficiency, Process Improvement, Tracking Budget Expenses, Self-Development, Planning, Performance Management, Inventory Control, Verbal Communication
Project and Product Management
Optimized investment project in the area of medical education and reduced expenditure budget by ninefold (10 000 US dollars instead of 96 000 US dollars)

Developed and successfully accomplished the project of creation of exclusive practical video demonstrations. Within the framework of a project on the basis of training materials there were developed scripts and video demonstrations engaging professional actors. Owing to this new exclusive product conversion of successful introduction of material and achievement of results was raised by 98% of business programs' participants (For comparison – majority of training business programs provide success for 3-5% attendees only)

Work over the project engaged: Developed products by identifying potential products; conducting market research; generating product requirements; determining specifications, production timetables, pricing, and time-integrated plans for product introduction; Developing Budgets, Coaching, Supervision, Staffing, Project Management, Management Proficiency, Process Improvement, Tracking Budget Expenses, Planning, Performance Management, Inventory Control, Verbal Communication
Developing Educational Business Programs
Developed the program «Sell without selling» that enabled participants to market any goods within 40 minutes by conversion of up to 90 percent.

Created design system and unique stepwise coaching program «Partnerships, that lead to profit», with applied marketing instruments that helped the participants:
● To launch the system of zero-cost lead generation within the business by means of establishment of partnership relations and access to customer base of a partner
● To reach agreements with key market companies
● To receive exclusive conditions of acquisition of goods and services from partner companies for the customers with discount of up to 50 percent.
● To secure vast advantage against the competitors due to partnership bonuses, maintaining advanced market positions.
● To receive free advertisement in leading mass media

Developed a highly efficient coaching program for the VIP group of 10 businessmen, upon that conclusion they raised turnover by 20% and entered in partnership with large companies ( such as Sberbank) in order to perform sales of their goods to customers of partner companies. Bargaining conversion by the trainees was increased by fivefold.
Developed design methodology of partner relationship that stresses disposal of every obligation form the partner and performance of the whole release project, providing the partner with activity report, as a basic principle of success.

As a result, 83% of partners accepted an offer of coordinated release. Subsequently, the partners managed to monetize their untapped resources without an effort or money – 67 percent of customers, who had received an offer, made purchases.
IT systems
Established, harmonized and implemented the CRM-system that increased the pace of task processing by half and contracted dead time and breaks between communications by twofold.

Established, harmonized and implemented virtual training class that enabled to connect the students to new course elements automatically, as well as their automatic disconnection from certain parts of the course and the course as a whole, reducing working time of support service by 50%.

Conducted research of the market of CRM systems, selected optimal CRM, installed it and adjusted for requirements of the company (with preliminary development of every business process) introduced and performed a series of training sessions for the management and users for the customer – medical tourism company.
Certification 2021-2022
Always keep learning to stay up to date with the latest updates
Business analytics
University of Pennsylvania
Product Management
University of Virginia
Data Analytics
Digital Marketing & E-commerce
Google Analytics Academy
Digital Marketing Tools
Google Analytics Academy
Marketing Automation
HubSpot Academy
SemRush Academy
I get paid to unravel the complex and solve the unsolvable
Pharmaceutical logistics company
What was: a small warehouse.
Goal: to get top ten multinational pharmaceutical manufacturers as clients.
What we did: a strategy was developed based on 2 principles - 1) to give what no one gives and 2) to help solve the client's problems. It was decided to provide tools and services that will increase customer sales:
1. a BI information system that helps managers receive daily reports;
2. dedicated farm team. representatives who actively provide doctors and pharmacies with information about customers' products;
3. corporate portals that provide doctors with information about customer products.
Result:after 2 years, the company received 6 companies from the top ten multinational pharma. soon 11 more manufacturers. Today the company has 17 multinational manufacturers as clients. Is the market leader in pharmaceutical logistics in Israel.
Medical diagnostic center

What happened: the doctor developed an innovative method for non-invasive early diagnosis of a number of diseases, primarily oncological ones. Clinical trials were successful, after which one hundred patients were asked to be diagnosed on a commercial basis. There was a huge demand.
Goal: it was required to create a commercial product based on a new diagnostic method and develop a business strategy for bringing this product to the international market.
What we did: a commercial concept and strategy for a new medical technology for early diagnosis was developed. Business and marketing plans were written to set up a private early diagnosis laboratory. An Internet project was developed to provide up-to-date information to investors and medical professionals 365/24/7.
Result: Investors attracted and early detection product sold in Japan
Beauty salon
What it was: The owner of the salon had the experience of an expert.
Goal : to create an author's school and new profit from the sale of education.
What we did: instead of spending money on an offline school, they made an online school, where education was provided via the Internet in various formats.
Result: I wanted a school locally, got the whole world. A new source of passive income.
Branch of a franchise company
What happened: a franchise bought in a network of children's hairdressers, premises, a weak flow of customers, losses.
Goal: to increase the flow of customers with minimal cost.
What we did: we used a partnership strategy.
Result : A number of strategic partnerships were entered into, resulting in a dramatic increase in customer traffic without any investment in advertising. With the help of special partner bonuses, customer loyalty has been increased.
The owner of a successful hairdresser receives new streams of clients at no cost.
Manufacturer of beekeeping products
What happened: branches with falling sales turnover in the structures, sales occurred haphazardly, chaotically.
Goal: to increase the monthly purchases of products by distributors, increase retail sales, increase the influx of new retail customers.
What we did: we developed a strategy for increasing profits in the network's branches, created an organized training system for directors and distributors, developed an algorithm for training events for clients, after which sales conversions from 20 to 100% are achieved. Created selling tools for distributors. Implemented a step-by-step sales system. Implemented a partnership strategy. Conducted training for representatives of offices controlled by branches.
Result :branch directors and distributors of offices under their control received high-quality sales training and effective marketing tools, with the help of which they now sell any product in bulk in 40 minutes with a conversion of 75-90%.
Fitness club
What happened: a fitness club with an unstable flow of customers, a drop in sales turnover.
Goal : a constant flow of customers without advertising costs.
What we did: Implemented a partnership strategy.
Result : a number of partners were attracted to recommend the fitness club to clients and provide them with special bonuses that provide a unique adjustment of the fitness club from competitors. The club's workload has increased.
Consulting company
What happened: The training department of the company taught online and this format reduced the percentage of clients who achieve results.
Goal: to increase the percentage that achieve results.
What we did: we developed training video materials in new formats, where the trainer himself in real time from scratch achieved the results indicated by the program and a series of video demonstrations for each element of training.
Result: the training department of the company brings up to 90% of students to the result.
What clients and partners say
Some examples of results
By doing the right things, any entrepreneur can have such KPIs
Marina Vetoshkina
Created 37 partnerships and got clients FREE
Tatiana Rybachina
Increased sales conversion by 3 times
Nailya Shubina
Increased sales conversion by 4 times
Tatiana Vlasova
Increased repeat sales by 40%
Maya Bessonova
Created 5 partnerships, 100% sales conversion
Natalia Kochikhina
Increased sales conversion from 20% to 57%
Irina Zakharova
Conversion to leads increased by 2 times
Lyubov Ivantsova
Sales conversion became 100%
Svetlana Vdovina
Increased sales conversion up to 70%
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I can help improve the management, sales, marketing, analytics and development strategy of your business
Attitude. I am always result-oriented and invest 100%+ in the project. I expect the same from the client.

Format. I work remotely as it is the most efficient.

Prices. I take expensive, so you need to have financial resources.

Guarantees. I guarantee results. Otherwise, I will return the money and compensate for the time spent.

Project duration. Joint work lasts from 6 months (business optimization) to several years (business management)

"A smart man learns from his own mistakes, and a wise man learns from the mistakes of others"
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